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    The learning tasks/activities are designed to be suitable for participants who prefer different learning styles:


    Activists are people who learn by doing. They need to get into the action and experience for themselves what they want to learn. These types of people are typically open-minded, they don’t go into situations with preconceptions, they like to brainstorm, and they are open to group discussion and problem solving.


    Learners who are theorists by nature seek to understand the theory behind the action. They like to follow models and read up on facts to better engage in the learning process. Theorists love to read stories and quotes, and they appreciate as much background information as they can get.


    Pragmatists want to know how to apply what they learn in the real world. They don’t like abstract concepts or games. They experiment with theories, ideas, and techniques and take the time to think about how what they have done relates to reality.


    Reflectors learn best by observing people and thinking about what is happening. These learners observe from the sidelines and collect data, and then they take the many experiences they have perceived and work toward an appropriate conclusion.

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    Factors of our course design

    • Self-direction: Learners must be treated as responsible and empowered to direct their own learning. This includes personalization of objectives, consideration of context, and flexibility in when and where they choose to learn.
    • Experience: adults have extensive and varied experiences that influence how they construct meaning from engagement with information. Learning must draw on and build on their already extensive experience and knowledge.
    • Motivation: adults are motivated by a variety of internal needs: Work, personal desires, self-esteem. Ultimately, they want information/skills/qualifications to better themselves. Learning should be designed to address their needs.
    • Need to know: Adults need to know in advance what and how they will learn before they commit to learning.
    • Readiness: For adult learners, e-learning can be unexpected and uncomfortable. Therefore, tasks/activities must be designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.
    • Scheduling: adults have many demands on their time, so online learning must be easily accessible and fit into their lives and schedules.
    • Practicality: learning and practice go hand in hand. Learning must be directly related and applicable to participants’ lives and jobs.
    • Socialization: adults must also be able to meet their social needs. Learners need to be within communities of practice, where learning is socially constructed and developed through socialization with others. This also increases overall satisfaction and engagement in coursework.

    The course is designed to support the experiential learning cycle that takes participants through three distinct phases of reflective learning.

    • Stage 1 – “What”: Participants are guided to acquire new knowledge and are able to describe personal situations and/or events that took place in relation to this knowledge.
    • Stage 2 – “So what?”: participants are helped to reflect on the meaning of the event(s) and/or situation(s) by analyzing important aspects of this experience and discovering new learning/knowledge.
    • Stage 3 – “Now What?”: Participants are given the opportunity to use the observations and learning from the previous two stages to propose new actions in real and authentic situations, using the new perspective and knowledge in a transformative way.

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